PridePak Preservation

Honor those who serve us most

We are excited to offer PridePak Preservation Service from BridalKare.  This specialty product line is a welcome addition to our family's preservation services.  This new program has been designed specifically for the tasteful preservation of dress uniforms for not only those in our armed forces, but also for the brave men and women who serve our communities in the fire, police and rescue services. 


With every order your outfit will be:

  • Inspected to note its condition
  • Hand cleaned for stain/spot removal
  • Individually cleaned for quality control
  • Re-inspected for any remaining stains
  • Repaired if necessary
  • Hand pressed for high quality finish
  • Stuffed with acid free tissue
  • Layered and secured in a display box
  • Sealed in an air tight, acid free environment
  • Triple boxed for safe storage