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BridalKare Gown Preservation

Entrust your treasured wedding gown to the professionals at BridalKare and
hold onto life’s most treasured memories.


With our special cleaning techniques and unique vacuum sealing process, our BridalKare
specialists guarantee their work to preserve your heirloom for generations.


Preserve the memory of your special day!

You Can Count On BridalKare Gown Preservation

With many years of experience to draw upon, we are the perfect choice for the care of your heirloom!


We are proud to say that we are a family owned and operated company. 

We are a company that is able to provide the individual and personal touch

that your gown deserves.  With us your gown is not just a number

being processed in a large factory,  but a memory that is being created and

cared for with that one on one service you deserve.